Baby Blue & Butterscotch


The light blue, still hazy grayish spring skies, clearly not yet to the full-blown bright and shiny blue of summer. 

The richer shade of pastel yellow that is butterscotch, with its residual warmth from the reddish oker hue that runs through it, but already giving us happy thoughts of warm spring days and sweet creamy candies. 

And together, they remind us of luxuriously lazy brunches with sunny eggs and delicate blue plates and table linens. Deliciously soaking up the first warm rays of the spring sun and listening to the birds singing as they fly back and forth to take care of the freshly-laid eggs in their cozy nests.

Warm sunshine and crisp blue sky, that's what springtime is all about.
(And if you are somewhere it's not - yet - spring weather, we wish you a speedy return to the season of new life!)


Shown in the photo: Make a wish! dandelion quality art posters in blue and yellow 

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