Golden Brown & Camouflage


Brown and green - normally a very classic, even old-fashioned, combination. And one that tends to remind us of the fall. But in these less heavy shades that start to inch toward the pastels, this combination of fresh and natural colors works in just about any season in a bright, modern interior. Adding them to your interior also couldn't be easier: use wooden furniture or accessories that have a lovely golden hue and mix with a few light green plants, et voilá!


Because this color combination actually occurs so often in nature, the result is always relaxing and full of healing powers. Stick to the darker shades everywhere for a deliciously warm effect. Or combine with mostly lighter tints to keep the feeling calm and cool. They work just as easily with heavy, robust furnishings as with light and smooth surfaces. And the beauty of these peaceful, natural colors is that you can use them to take advantage of that juxtaposition of heavy and light without it quickly becoming overpowering. 


Studies have shown that a walk in the woods can have amazing benefits for our mood. With golden brown and camouflage green, you can bring some of those benefits indoors.


And because this golden brown with camouflage green is neither too dark nor too light, it's a perfect colour combination for the transitional seasons. In the northern hemisphere heading toward spring, they are still toasty warm but light enough to be ready for spring. In the southern hemisphere, where summer is giving way to the fall, it's exactly the warm and cozy feel of these nature colours - brown and green are the quintessential colors of autumn - that make your house feel like a home.

Shown in the photo: Monaco Sunset Coastline (currently not available)


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