Hot Pink & Bubblegum


Time to break out the real girly-girl colors, and as much and as bright as possible - or at least as much as doesn't give you a stomach ache from all that sugar! But definitely enough to give you a sugar high!


Make it sticky, sugary sweet with a good dose of Bubblegum pink. And Hot Pink may be kind of a daring color on its own, a little attention-seeking in its own right. But the darker, somewhat heavier shade creates an excellent foil for the otherwise flighty, ephemeral, cotton candy feel.


Still want to keep it just a teensy bit more manly-man rather than going all in on the girly-girl vibe? Keep the colors more on the darker side, and add some warm woods, or even metals, to keep these float-away colors just a little more grounded.


In this photo: Pink Lady Diva 

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