About Violet & Lime


Violet & Lime: a decorator's resource

Violet & Lime is a design source for affordable artworks in the form of high-quality, limited edition digital prints. Our original designs here in the webshop are available to anyone, whether you are a professional  interior designer or decorator or simply decorating your own home or office, who is looking for something different.

To the trade, we also offer custom versions of our designs, or we can work out made-to-order designs to create the perfect look for whatever space you're working on. Contact us any time for a quote and more info on what's possible.

As a design resource, we aim to offer a wide range of styles, themes and colors to suit whatever your decorating needs. The designs are sorted into decorating themes and colors to help you find designs that fit your project.

Have fun exploring, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]  

Make it fabulous!
Darla van de Riet, owner & designer


About our products

All items available in the web shop are original digital designs. Our premium digital prints are made to order 16-color prints on archival paper and in limited editions of 100. All designs are available in the most common standard sizes from A4 (mini) to 70x100cm (extra large).

Please note that because our prints are made to order, it will take a few business days before your order is ready to be shipped.

Violet & Lime is located in the Netherlands and sells throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


Like a design but need it in a different color? Chances are we can do that for you! (And probably for little or no extra charge, depending on the design.) That's one of the advantages of digital designs that are made to order. Contact [email protected] to find out what the possibilities are. 


Need a special size? Often that is not a problem, but please be aware that a different size can affect the proportions of the design. Contact us to find out what's possible for any specific design.


What’s the story behind the name?

We love color. Sure, black and white can be beautiful and fabulous. (And yes, we often have black and white designs in the shop.) But we really do love color, and especially exciting color combinations.

What’s our favorite color combination? You guessed it! Violet purple and lime green, of course. Surprising and unexpected, and both fresh and mysterious at the same time – it’s a color combination that can make a space either dark, moody and elegant or light, bright and modern.


Questions or suggestions? 
Contact us at [email protected]